When I Feel Worried


Everybody worries. Children worry, too–in new or confusing situations, or when someone is upset with them. This new addition to “The Way I Feel” Series uses reassuring words and touching illustrations to address a child’s anxieties and shows him ways to help him feel better.  This comforting and empowering book will be helpful to all families.

Worry is inevitable and unavoidable, but there are ways parents and caregivers can help young children recognize and manage this common feeling.  As in her other “The Way I Feel” books, author Cornelia Maude Spelman uses simple, reassuring language and situations which will be familiar to young children to help them understand how they can cope with anxiety.  Kathy Parkinson’s warm, colorful  animal illustrations appeal to children and adults alike.  A note to adults reminds them to take a look at their own ways of managing anxiety so that they can help teach their children.

“Spelman’s reassuring, matter-of-fact tone is as helpful as the sensible advice she offers.  A related note to parents and teachers suggests shielding kids from disquieting  news reports and discusses how to help them manage everyday anxieties.  An appealing, supportive resource for young children.”   Booklist

“The charming illustrations extend the text by creating a believable setting for each sort of worry…This amusing but satisfying story will ease the worries of a nervous child or help more confident children to be more empathetic to the needs of a worried friend.” Kirkus Reviews

“Spelman succinctly explores causes for a young child’s worry and then shows positive ways to dispel negative feelings…solid bibliotherapy.” School Library Journal

Illustrated by Kathy Parkinson / Ages 3-7/ Hardcover ISBN-13: 9780807588932 /



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