When I Feel Good About Myself


“I feel good about myself. Somebody loves me just as I am. I don’t have to look like anyone else, be the same size, or do the same things. It’s fine to be me.” When I Feel Good About Myself offers children positive and upbeat examples about the value of being themselves. A young guinea pig and friends show how they feel good about themselves in common situations that will be easy for readers to relate to. The text and art aim to foster self-esteem and independence.

In Spelman’s note for parents and teachers, she writes: “While it’s nice to have a special talent, those children who don’t have one need to know that they are just as valuable as those who do. We don’t want our children to feel that in order to be loved they must be something they are not. And competition over things one cannot control, like one’s physical attributes, only causes anxiety.”

School Library Journal wrote: “The book could serve as a healthy reminder of the importance of treating oneself and others with respect.”


Illustrated by Kathy Parkinson / Ages 3-6/ Hardback ISBN 978080758871 15.99 Paperback ISBN 9780807589014 / $6.99



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