Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce


One sad day in the Bear family, Mama and Daddy say they are getting a divorce, and Dinah is scared. But when Daddy moves into his new home, Dinah and her sister Ruth visit him on weekends and Dinah still takes walk with Daddy like she used to.

Over time,  Dinah learns that while Daddy isn’t living with them anymore, many of the best things stay the same: Mama will always be her mama, Daddy will always be her daddy, and they love her very much.

“A sensitive book that should have wide use.”

“This book provides reassurance that, as painful and confusing as a divorce may be, it does not mean that both parents will no longer be part of a youngster’s life.”
School Library Journal

“A good book for anyone facing divorce with young children.”
The Children’s Literature Newsletter One of “10 Helpful Books About Divorce” recommended by


Illustrated by Kathy Parkinson / Ages 3-6/ Paperback ISBN 9780807552223/ $6.99



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