When I Feel Angry


Anger can be a scary emotion for young children, their parents, and caregivers. As this little bunny experiences the things that make her angry, she also learns ways to deal with her anger–ways that won’t hurt others.

“This gentle book puts an adorable bunny in a variety of situations that preschool or grade-school children can relate to. Instead of acting out, though, the bunny and her friends find constructive ways to deal with their anger.”

“Through simple language, a young rabbit relates the things that make her angry and the positive ways in which she can deal with her emotions. The situations are realistic and will strike a familiar chord with most children.”
School Library Journal

A nearly perfect book about anger for young children, this resource lists common reasons children feel angry and also gives very concrete ways for children to cope. The author offers many appropriate suggestions for dealing with the feelings and the situations that generate the anger. The illustrations feature simple and colorful animal characters.”
Reviews from Parent Council, Spring/Summer 2000


Illustrated by Nancy Cote / Ages 3-6/ Softcover ISBN 9780807588970/ $6.99 2000 Gold Seal Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio



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